Handling & storage: Complex coordination from A to Z

Transport is much more than just the quickest way from A to B. It’s important we handle your cargo professionally. And sometimes you are in need of warehouse space.

When a sea vessel with your cargo arrives at the port of Rotterdam, we coordinate a smooth and professional discharge — on the quay, into barge or onto truck. Of course, for small and large small vessels with only one type of cargo on board. But our services are also available for complex breakbulk vessels with a deadweight of over 70,000 tons. Our team of specialists has experience with moving 25,000 big bags and twenty types of bulk lots during multi-day operations.

Perhaps you are interested in using temporary storage. For example, in a barge, ashore or in a shed. We take care of:

  • Floating storage
  • Open storage
  • Covered storage

Coordination from A to Z
The ship with your cargo has been unloaded smoothly. The quay is free and the crane is available. Your barge is waiting and there is space available in the shed. We ensure smooth and seamless coordination through continuous contact with all parties involved: from captain to surveyor, from customs officer to stevedore. This results in no waiting time. 

How can we help you?
Feel free to call or email us. This can be done via +31 10 282 39 39 or info@rhein.nl. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll arrange it.

People working in this department:
Leon de Kleer

Email: leon@rhein.nl
Office: +31 10 282 3937
Mobile: +31 6 4604 4727

John Snijders

E-mail: john@rhein.nl
Kantoor: +31 10 282 39 37